The Trial

Director: Orson Welles
France/Italy/West Germany / 1962 / 119 min

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“This door was intended only for you. And now I’m going to close it!” Welles expresses the alternately sorrowful and darkly comic essence of Kafka’s unfinished novel through masterful compositions of absurd interiors and the stark lines of Eastern bloc architecture, aided by a pitch-perfect Anthony Perkins as a yelping Josef K. Surrounded by women who are at once beautiful, thirsty, angry, and pitying (and include Jeanne Moreau and Romy Schneider), the accused bureaucrat attempts to learn more about the case against him, but K. only succeeds in incriminating himself further. A powerful metaphor for the excesses of communism, homophobia, the studio system, the modern surveillance state—or something that will make you feel queasy about returning to an open-plan office with your indecisive bosses—Welles’s adaptation is required viewing.