The Night Visitor

Director: Laslo Benedek
Sweden / 1971 / 106 min

Available On Demand through Apr 22

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Prior to the release of The Exorcist, very few films within the horror, thriller, and exploitation genres were regarded by the press as “real” movies. But that wasn’t the case when the English-language psychological thriller stars Bergman’s art-house megastars Liv Ullmann and Max von Sydow… even if the latter spends a good deal of time running through the snow in his tighty-whities. The deep chill of the European winter pulses through the murderous veins of von Sydow in one of his most unforgettable roles, as a man wrongly convicted of murder and sent to an insane asylum, and Sweden’s rolling white hills will be stained red by the time he has his vengeance. Film courtesy of VCI and the American Genre Film Archive.