Stephanie Rothman x 2: The Velvet Vampire

Director: Stephanie Rothman
USA / 1971 / 80 min

Available Aug 14-20

Dune buggies, rattlesnakes, and hippies aren’t common staples of your average vampire movie, but, then again, there’s never been anything quite like this outrageous desert paean to bloodsucking and partner-swapping. In The Velvet Vampire, directed by Roger Corman protégée Stephanie Rothman, Lee (Michael Blodgett) is caught between his vanilla girlfriend Susan (Sherry Miles) and smokin’ exhibitionist/art gallery devotee Diane (Celeste Yarnal), but it looks like he might be out of the picture once the two ladies develop eyes for each other. Restoration courtesy of Shout! Factory and the American Genre Film Archive.