Artists on Camera,
Program 5 Special Presentation:
Shopping Bag Spirits and Freeway Fetishes: Reflections on Ritual Space

Director: Barbara McCullough
USA / 1981 / 60 min

Last streamed on Thu, Aug 12

A special screening of Barbara McCullough’s visionary film, in which she converses with other L.A.-based Black artists about the role of ritual in Black life and creative practice. Interviews and photographs are intercut with the music of Don Cherry, and the artists featured include David Hammons, Betye Saar, Houston and Kinshasha Conwill, Senga Nengudi, K. Curtis Lyle, Ojenke, Kamaau Da’oud, Kenneth Severin, and Freedom in Expression.

Presented by Soft Network. Co-programmed by Jason Evans with Soft Network.