Artists on Camera,
Program 4: Together

Director: Various dirs.
1983-2021 / TRT: 123 min

Q&A with MM Serra, Jack Waters & Peter Cramer, moderated by Soft Network’s Chelsea Spengemann

Last streamed on Mon, Aug 9

These films capture the significant impact artists can have on one another while working or living together—or both.

Program Includes:
Vivian’s Garden (Rosalind Nashashibi, UK, 2017, 30 min) Nashashibi’s tender film takes a close look at the artistic, emotional, and economic lives of Vivian Suter and her mother, Elisabeth Wild, two Swiss/Austrian émigré artists living in adjoining houses located in Panajachel, a remote town in the rainforest outside Guatemala City.
Dream City (Ulysses Jenkins, USA, 1983, 5 min)
A video companion to a 24-hour group performance organized by Jenkins, Dream City collages live music, poetry, and dance into a pulsating kaleidoscope of color and sound. Frequent Jenkins collaborators Maren Hassinger, Senga Nengudi, and David Hammons appear, as do snippets of chess games, punk shows, and shots of the L.A. skyline.
Listen To This (Tom Rubnitz & David Wojnarowicz, USA, 1992, 16 min) Tom Rubnitz weaves narration, image, and a form of temporality, dislocated from “real time,” into a video in which artist and AIDS activist David Wojnarowicz’s loss and anger is palpable.
Hello from Bertha (Mark Morrisroe, USA, 1983, 17 min)
This trashy drag drama based on the eponymous 1946 Tennessee Williams one-act play about a dying, penniless prostitute in a low-class bordello features Morrisroe as Bertha, Tabboo!, aka Stephen Tashjian, as Goldie, and Jack Pierson as Lena.
Endless Possibilities: Jack Waters and Peter Cramer (MM Serra, USA, 2021, 16 min) A portrait of two artists, dancers, musicians, community gardeners, collaborators, and lovers, who have lived together on Manhattan’s Lower East Side for more than 40 years. This film focuses on their latest production Generator (Pestilence Part 1) as it went into its inaugural production at the avant-garde venue LaMaMa in February 2020.
Children of NAN: Search for the Mother
(Alisha B. Wormsley, USA, 2018, 39 min) Made over a decade from the artist’s archive combining science-fiction tropes, historical and anthropological narrative, and origin mythology of race, mysticism, and gender, this film is metaphor for the survival, power, and community of Black women in a dystopic future, starring Jasmine Hearn, Jamila Raegan, Li Harris, Autumn Knight, and Desiree Godsell.

Presented by Soft Network. Co-programmed by Jason Evans with Soft Network. Photos, top to bottom: Vivian’s Garden, Hello from Bertha (© The Estate of Mark Morrisroe, Ringier Collection, at Fotomuseum Winterthur), and Dream City.