Six in Paris

Director: Claude Chabrol, Jean Douchet, Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Daniel Pollet, Éric Rohmer & Jean Rouch
France / 1965 / 96 min
In French with English subtitles

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Its original title translating to “Paris seen by…,” Six in Paris offers a sextet of piquant tales set in the City of Light, running a quarter-hour apiece and unfolding in different familiar neighborhoods. Each vignette comes from a writer/director either central, influential, or adjacent to the Nouvelle Vague, then in full swing. Behind the postcard-picturesque views of the city, we’re treated to scenes of domestic yearning and disappointment, naïfs becoming worldly-wise, and tourists having romantic notions disabused, often with O. Henry–esque ironic twists. Among its many surprises: the contributor least concerned with affairs of the heart is Éric Rohmer, proffering instead a drolly macabre sketch worthy of Hitchcock, or of Claude Chabrol, who appears to dynamic effect in his own segment. Its slate of cinematographers no less impressive, with Albert Maysles lensing Godard’s short and Néstor Almendros (Days of Heaven) putting his stamp on two others, Six in Paris represents France’s top talent painting a cityscape by means of a collage. An Icarus Films release.