Nude on the Moon

Director: Doris Wishman
USA / 1961 / 83 min

Last streamed on Mon, Oct 4

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Anthropology meets exploitation in Wishman’s boneheaded, bawdy no-budget sci-fi whatsit. This, her second feature, is set in motion when Dr. Jeff (Lester Brown), a Miami-based rocket scientist, takes off with a partner on his own self-financed moonshot, landing on a lunar surface that looks an awful lot like, well, Miami. (The city’s famous Coral Castle tourist attraction is prominently featured.) One thing does distinguish Dr. Jeff’s tropical deep space destination from back home, however: its all-female population of perpetually topless “moon nymphs,” whose cavortings and caperings our intrepid heroes observe and catalogue in exhaustive, droning, clinical detail—that is, when Jeff isn’t being sweet talked by the telepathic Moon Queen. To arrive at such sublime stupidity as this requires nothing short of genius.

Restoration courtesy of the American Genre Film Archive and Jimmy Maslon


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