Night of the Hunted

Director: Jean Rollin
France / 87 min

Introduced by Daniel Schmidt

Last streamed on Sat, Jan 1

His low-budget genre films were dismissed by contemporary French critics as “Rollinade,” but gradually Jean Rollin has been recognized as a stubbornly original creator of deeply personal films, and this is one of his finest. Beginning with the image of nude female fugitives fleeing across a landscape of bleak, impersonal high-rises, The Night of the Hunted revolves around an antiseptic clinic purportedly holding patients—including leading lady and Rollin favorite Brigitte Lahaie—in order to treat them for memory loss, though some suspect the doctors are pursuing more insidious ends. A profoundly mournful film in horror movie trappings, like Rollin’s The Living Dead Girl, concerned more with female friendship than jump scares. Come, drink the Rollinade.