New York Story &
Hotel New York

Director: Jackie Raynal
USA / 1981/1984 / 27 min/63 min

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In Hotel New York, a French filmmaker, Loulou (Jackie Raynal, essentially playing herself), comes to New York after being invited to present one of her works at the Museum of Modern Art. She falls in love with the eccentricities of the city and decides to stay, looking for work as an editor and finding marital bliss, then boredom, with an entrepreneur named Sid. “I wanted to make this film to show how everything is transient over there. Things change all the time and are immediately replaced, much quicker than in Europe. The story stemmed from my own experience and impressions as a foreigner,” said Raynal. The film is preceded by New York Story, Raynal’s short from three years earlier that was expanded into Hotel New York, both autobiographical stories blending drama and absurdist comedy, and both featuring Raynal and her husband, Sid Geffen, as well as notable fixtures of the NY art scene such as Gary Indiana. Very special thanks to Pip Chodorov and Diana Vidrascu at RE:VOIR and Jackie Raynal.