Nan Goldin Selects:
Cats Forever

Director: Various dirs.
1946-2012 / TRT: 56 min

Introduced by Nan Goldin

Last streamed on Wed, Aug 11

Nan Goldin presents a program of feline-themed shorts that span four decades, multiple formats, and several excellent cats.

Program Includes:
Cat Listening to Music (1988, Chris Marker, 3 min) Marker fans are familiar with the cartoon representation of his beloved pet cat, Guillaume-en-Égypte, who has become the reclusive filmmaker’s alter ego. In this charming short, Marker reveals the real-life Guillaume, stretched out lazily in the filmmaker’s apartment, as he listens to the lilting rhythms of a piano sonata by Federico Mompou.
How to Draw a Cat (1973, Pola Chapelle, 3 min)
A delightful short in which a white feline and a pair of disembodied hands demonstrate what is, if not the most successful, then certainly the most entertaining manner in which to draw a cat.
Airshaft (1967, Ken Jacobs, 4 min)
Single fixed-camera take looking from within darkened room, out through fire-escape door into vertical space between rears of downtown N. Y. loft buildings. A potted plant, fallen sheet of white paper, cat rests on the foreground door-ledge.
The Private Life of a Cat (1946, Maya Deren & Alexander Hammid, 30 min)
Maya Deren narrates this film about her and Alexander Hammid’s two cats preparing for the birth of their kittens.  After the birth and early moments of life, the camera follows the first steps of each of the litter with with meals and frolicking and teaching moments with their parent cats.
CatCam (2012, Seth Keal, 16 min)
Mr. Lee, an adopted stray cat, routinely disappeared from his South Carolina home for days on end. Intrigued by Mr. Lee’s whereabouts, his owner Juergen, a German engineer, created a camera designed to fit around the feline’s neck. Engineered to capture continuous photographs, Juergen hoped to discover the mysterious life of his cat.