My Degeneration

Director: Jon Moritsugu
USA / 1990 / 61 min

Available through Dec 5

Moritsugu’s feature debut set him on course for a career of cinematic coarseness, the story of a nascent all-girl rock act, Bunny Love, who are recruited to the service of the American Beef Institute, yowling about “beef power” for a shot at superstardom. A psycho-delic tale of co-option and rebellion made for a whopping $5,000, My Degeneration features the musical stylings of Vomit Launch, Bongwater, and Halo of Flies, a very moving romance with a rotting pig head that talks, and attitude to burn. “[A] 16mm skullfuck opus set in the lo-fi punk world… Many movies have been made about punk rock. This movie feels like punk rock: dirty, angry, righteous, handmade, exhilarating.”—Rolling Stone