My Best Fiend

Director: Werner Herzog
Germany/UK/USA / 1999 / 95 min
In German, English, and Spanish with English subtitles

Last streamed on Tue, Aug 3

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Eight years after Klaus Kinski’s death, Herzog put together this documentary tribute, both celebratory and damning, to the fruitful and sometimes violently clashing working relationship he shared with the actor, whom he cast as assorted megalomaniacs, mental-illness sufferers, and literal blood-sucking monsters throughout a collaboration spanning five films and 16 years. This larger-than-life partnership was never predictable and always entertaining, and exhibited that it perhaps takes going to the most extreme measures to create such towering pieces of cinematic genius. As Roger Ebert wrote: “My Best Fiend is about two men who both wanted to be dominant, who both had all the answers, who were inseparably bound together in love and hate, and who created extraordinary work—while all the time each resented the other’s contribution.” Restoration courtesy of Shout! Factory and the American Genre Film Archive.