Members Preview:
Lingua Franca

Director: Isabel Sandoval
USA/Philippines / 2020 / 95 min

Last streamed on Thu, Aug 20

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Screening followed by a Q&A with director/writer/star Isabel Sandoval and actor Eamon Farren.

The sensual and provocative third feature by acclaimed writer-director Isabel Sandoval follows an undocumented, transgender Filipina caregiver (played by Sandoval) who tends for a Russian woman in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, as she struggles to send money to her family back home, pursues a marriage-based green card to stay in the U.S., and becomes romantically involved with the woman’s slaughterhouse-worker grandson (Eamon Farren). A wrenching melodrama set in the tumultuous era of the Trump administration and its sinister fear-mongering anti-immigration tactics by way of ICE, Lingua Franca reveals the plight of the marginalized and disempowered with stark force, solemn dignity, and unbelievable lyricism. The film had its world premiere at Venice Days and was the first Filipino film to be featured in the main competition at BFI London in its 63-year history.

Lingua Franca is presented by Ava DuVernay’s ARRAY Releasing distribution collective, which amplifies the creative voices of people of color and women of all kinds. Lingua Franca will open in cinemas and on Netflix on August 26.