Director: Sergey Loznitsa
Ukraine / 2014 / 130 min

Introduced by Kon Trubkovich

Last streamed on Mon, Dec 27

“Sergey Loznitsa’s work is really important to my personal work, and to what I’ve been thinking about in terms of my paintings. The three films I chose deal with these overlapping themes of the rebellion against the state, or the state rebelling against itself, the philosophy of crowds, and the very specific nuance that takes form in Russia. Maidan was a central square in Kyiv where there was a mass gathering of people who were protesting a puppet Russian president. They were able to oust the Ukrainian president that was aligned with Russia and to have new elections. All of this was precipitated by a trade deal with Europe that Putin was able to kill through influence with that puppet president. So what you see is a groundswell of political engagement through citizens, regular citizens who were able to topple a kind of dictatorship.”— Kon Trubkovich