Let Me Die A Woman

Director: Doris Wishman
USA / 1977 / 79 min

Intro by Film Critic Willow Maclay

Last streamed on Tue, Oct 19

As hardcore pornography flooded the grindhouse and drive-in market in the 1970s, limiting the market for her preferred brand of softcore sexploitation, Wishman, indifferent to the money to be made from money shots and disinclined to go with the flow, took a turn towards documentary—or, rather, her own unclassifiable, inimitable, outrageous hotchpotch of fact and fiction. The result was Let Me Die a Woman, an alternately clinical and leering look at sexual reassignment surgeries, made up of interviews with patients and physicians like “host” Dr. Leo Wollman, who holds court on the topic of dildos, among other subjects; unconvincing re-enactments, many lifted wholesale from other Wishman films; and unflinching, unquestionably authentic visits to the operating table.

Restoration courtesy of the American Genre Film Archive and Jimmy Maslon


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