James Gray Presents: Strangers When We Meet

Director: Richard Quine
USA / 1960 / 117 min

Last streamed on Tue, Dec 22

Live Screening introduced by James Gray.

Tired of his dull suburban existence and the limitations on his architect career dictated by his controlling wife (Barbara Rush), a seemingly model family man (Kirk Douglas) strikes up a flirtation with a new neighbor (Kim Novak) who’s also unsatisfied in her domestic situation. Their attraction instantly adds spice to their lives, before escalating into a full-blown affair and love… and all the other things that inevitably come along with infidelity. Written by the best-selling novelist Evan Hunter (better known as Ed McBain), based on his own early work of the same title, the film also stars Walter Matthau as a meddling weasel living in the same Los Angeles ’burb and Ernie Kovacs as the disillusioned writer who has commissioned the architect to design a house for him. Richard Quine’s soapy melodrama was shot in beautiful CinemaScope by Charles Lang Jr.