Indecent Desires

Director: Doris Wishman
USA / 1968 / 75 min

Available Sep 30 - Oct 14

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New York City office girl Ann (Sharon Kent) is thrust into a waking nightmare when her pencil-necked stalker (Michael Alaimo) digs a chintzy ring and a blonde child’s doll out of the garbage can and discovers that, thanks to some inexplicable hoodoo, whatever molestations or torments that he visits on the toy will be felt by Ann, who is suddenly beset by the sensation of gropings, lashings, and cigarette burns, all with no visible source, and all to the tune of tinkling lounge jazz. One of Wishman’s most outlandish premises, from a script penned under the pseudonym “Dawn Whitman,” is matched with one of her most disorienting overdubbing jobs—everyone sounds like they’ve necked a fistful of downers—to create a hallucinatory and sometimes hilarious film which reveals the Sadean savagery that lurks behind the nebbishy mask of the gentle geek.

Restoration courtesy of the American Genre Film Archive and Jimmy Maslon


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