Director: Robert Altman
USA/UK / 1972 / 101 min

Last streamed on Wed, Dec 23

Live Screening accompanied by a Q&A with producer Matthew Seig, actor Michael Murphy, and Stephen Altman, moderated by Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan.

In between avowed classics McCabe & Mrs. Miller and The Long Goodbye, Robert Altman made the closest thing in his filmography to a horror film. Shot in Ireland by Vilmos Zsigmond (Close Encounters of the Third Kind), Images offers a fractured, hallucinatory account of Cathryn (Susannah York, Best Actress winner at Cannes), a successful author of children’s books whose isolation in the country exacerbates her feelings of guilt and paranoia involving her husband (Altman mainstay René Auberjonois), her dead lover, and a predatory neighbor, escalating to an act of murder. Or does it? Less a jigsaw puzzle than a collage assembled from glass shards, Images drew inspiration from the psychological dramas of Altman’s hero Joseph Losey, though Bergman and Polanski’s influences are undeniable. Featuring a memorable, Oscar-nominated score by John Williams and a towering performance from York, who received a writing credit after Altman attributed to Cathryn the actress’s own storybook composition, In Search of Unicorns.