I Was a Teenage Serial Killer

Director: Sarah Jacobson
USA / 1993 / 27 min

Available through Dec 9

Sarah Jacobson’s scrappy zilch-budget black-and-white short, made while she was studying with underground legend George Kuchar at the San Francisco Institute of the Arts and distributed through a DIY touring scheme, is perhaps the quintessential riot grrrl movie, featuring the music of Heavens to Betsy and seething with feminist fury. Fed up with straight white male sexist pigs, damaged and vengeful 19-year-old Mary (Kristin Calabrese) decides to cull the population through a killing spree, linking up with a fellow multiple murderer along the way. “A key film of [the ‘90s] angrily subversive underground cinema.”—Ed Halter, The Village Voice

Restorations courtesy of the American Genre Film Archive and The Free History Project.


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