Director: Yasuzô Masumura
Japan / 1958 / 95 min

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Maverick filmmaker Yasuzô Masumura’s stinging, glaringly gaudy satire of a ’50s Japan dominated by a ruthless new corporate culture, capitalist excess, and the figure of the suicidally overworked salaryman, Giants and Toys takes place in the battlefield of business, where three candy manufacturers vie to corner the caramel market through any-means-necessary snares and traps. A porn photographer makes a star out of a snaggletoothed spokeswoman, and then things only get wilder in the first of Masumura’s industrial espionage films, movies where, per Jonathan Rosenbaum, “everyone winds up betraying everyone else because the system itself is intrinsically rotten.”

Restoration courtesy of Arrow Video and the American Genre Film Archive.


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