Gianfranco Rosi Retrospective:
El Sicario, Room 164

Director: Gianfranco Rosi
France/USA / 2010 / 84 min
In Spanish with English subtitles

Available On Demand Mar 16-22

In an anonymous motel room on the U.S./Mexico border, a Ciudad Juárez hit man speaks. He has killed hundreds of people and is an expert in torture and kidnapping. He was simultaneously on the payroll of the Mexican drug cartels and a commander of the Chihuahua State Police. There is currently a $250,000 contract on his life and he lives as a fugitive, though he has never been charged with a crime in any country. With his face obscured by a black mesh hood, he tells his story to the camera inside the very motel room he once used to hold and torture kidnapped victims. In Gianfranco’s chilling film, the sicario, aided only by a magic marker and notepad that he uses to illustrate and diagram his words, describes, in astounding detail, his life of crime, murder, abduction, and torture.