First Films with Cenk Ertürk: Noah Land

Director: Cenk Ertürk
Turkey / 2019 / 109 min
In Turkish with English subtitles

Q&A with Cenk Ertürk, moderated by producer Joy Jorgensen

Last streamed on Mon, Sep 6

Getting closer to the end of his days due to a terminal illness, Ibrahim (Haluk Bilginer) asks estranged son Ömer (Ali Atay) to drive him to the village in rural Turkey where he was raised. Soon after they arrive, Ömer realizes that thereʼs more to this request than meets the eye: his father wishes to be buried under the enshrined Noah Tree he claims to have planted as a boy half a century ago. In the aftermath of a land dispute that cast Ibrahimʼs family away from the community decades earlier, however, the plot of land has become a holy site called the “Noah Tree,” named for the Biblical figure whom they believe first planted the tree after the Flood. With all relevant public archives damaged, and villagers growing defensive over what seems a sacrilegious act, Ibrahim forges ahead in the name of justice; Ömer, on the other hand, grows conflicted, bearing the brunt of this battle even as he grapples with unaired grievances between himself and his dad.