EAI at 50:
Short Works by Robert Beck/Buck

Director: Robert Buck
USA / 1986 - 2001 / 40 min

Introduced by Robert Buck Q&A with Buck and Tyler Maxin of EAI

Last streamed on Sat, Nov 20

Robert Buck, formerly Robert Beck, is most known for his paintings, drawings, sculptures, and installations, and for his precise use of materials, ranging from traditional art supplies to such non-art materials as mortician’s wax, latent fingerprint ink, and gunpowder. Yet the moving-image, in form and practice—especially the key filmic gesture of “the cut”—has profoundly influenced Buck’s career and self-representation. In 2008, Beck changed his father’s name by a single vowel as a work, or act, of art, highlighting a cut from Beck to Buck that is reiterated in EAI’s distribution of works under both signatures.  This program features a selection of Buck’s video art work, including a document of 1989 ACT-UP’s protest of Trump Tower, works that explore the relationship between technology and the body, and a trilogy of works that revisit a series of video-performances by the artist set to songs by The Smiths.


Titles include:

The Feeling of Power, 1990, 9 min
Untitled (Dec 29, 1993), 1993, 5:38 min
Song Poem (Trips Visits), 2001, 6 min
Nine Years Later (“Bigmouth Strikes Again”), 1995, 11 mins
Nine Years Later (“Girlfriend In A Coma”), 1998, 12 mins
Nine Years Later (“Panic”)—Remix, 1996-2001, 11 mins