Down There

Director: Chantal Akerman
Belgium/France / 2006 / 78 min
In French and English with English subtitles

Playing Jan 15 thru Feb 4

$8/Members, $12/Non-Members

According to Chantal Akerman, she never wanted to make a film in Israel. The director was convinced that neutrality doesn’t exist and that her subjectivity would get in the way. It was only when she taught at the University of Tel Aviv, picked up a camera, and “found” suitable images that she decided to make Down There (La-bas). In it, she takes the chamber play to its ultimate form, filming almost entirely from her own apartment by the sea in Tel Aviv. In her narration, she talks about her family, Jewish identity, and childhood, and wonders whether normal everyday life is possible in this place. Akerman made the film without any intentions defined in advance. She wanted to be as open and blank as possible to ensure that things could take their own course.