Death Proof

Director: Quentin Tarantino
USA / 2007 / 127 min

Part of ”LEADER LADIES“; Intro by the Chicago Film Society’s Cameron Worden

Last streamed on Tue, May 18

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Presented as an ostensible homage to the American exploitation cinema of the 1970s, Death Proof is a synthesis of the slasher film, the muscle-car movie, and the roughie that proved the perfect vehicle for Tarantino to pick at the seams of popular cinema to see what makes it go. While anchored by a giddily menacing performance by Kurt Russell, Death Proof gives over most of its screen time to his prospective victims, notably, in the film’s second half, women working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry (including a scene-stealing turn from real-life stuntwoman Zoë Bell, playing herself and performing some of the most virtuosic car stunts ever printed to celluloid). That a series of leader ladies appear edited into the film’s infectious end-credits bounce seems especially appropriate for a film so committed to lionizing on screen what most movies strive to keep hidden.—Cameron Worden, Chicago Film Society