Class of 1984

Director: Mark L. Lester
USA / 1982 / 98 min

Last streamed on Mon, Dec 6

Lester’s Toronto-shot paragon of punksploitation begins with music teacher Perry King’s arrival at Lincoln High, an inner-city school where staff and students have grown accustomed to being menaced by the roving packs of maniacal punkers led by piano prodigy Timothy Van Patten. Not precisely a pro-punk movie, given that it escalates into a revenge-driven bloodbath of law-and-order vigilantism against the gangs, but it does include Canuck punkers Teenage Head appearing live on-stage, and not-so-secretly relishes in every act of transgression leading up to its Grand Guignol grand finale.

Courtesy of Titan Global and the American Genre Film Archive.


Punks Don't Go Home for Thanksgiving


Punks Don't Go Home for Thanksgiving

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