Christopher’s Movie Matinee

Director: Mort Ransen
Canada / 1968 / 88 min

Last streamed on Fri, Oct 2

Presented as part of “Welcome to Metrograph: A to Z.”

A portrait of the late-’60s counterculture from within, made by tuned-in young people with movie cameras recruited around Toronto by Mort Ransen, then let loose in the Yorkville area documenting passionate conversations, sit-ins, and confrontations with the older “hippie” generation. The experiment ends with the filmmakers facing accusations from the National Film Board of Canada of instigating, rather than merely documenting, the protest movement. This deliberate confusion, of course, is where the movie’s fascination lies.

“Welcome to Metrograph: A to Z,” launched in our first programming calendar, is an ongoing series initiated as a way to introduce moviegoers to our particular take on cinema history. The intention was to offer our own idiosyncratic alphabet: one title per director, neither canon nor anti-canon, but rather a selection of our favorite films that serve as life-changing revelations or enduring personal passions, and ultimately films for which Metrograph exists to spread the gospel. Currently in its second turn around the alphabet, the series, which was up to titles beginning with the letter “C” at the time of the theater’s closure, will now be presented online.