Call Center Blues

Director: Geeta Gandbhir
USA / 2020 / 24 min

Last streamed on Thu, Dec 17

Followed by a conversation with the director, producer Jess Devaney, RAICES Community Organizer Adriana Quiroga, and CUNY CLEAR Counsel and CUNY School of Law Associate Professor Tarek Ismail, moderated by Emmy-nominated film editor Carla Gutierrez.

A character-driven, cinematic tale of deportation, migration, displacement, and opportunistic capitalism, Call Center Blues follows four people as they struggle to make sense of their lives in Tijuana. Each with a vastly different story, they are all linked by their displacement and the sole choice of call center work they have in a country that is so unfamiliar and oftentimes frightening, yet other times a ray of hope. Tijuana becomes their home, a place defined by the border but yet defiant toward it, a no man’s land where everything and everyone feels transient. These characters paint a picture of love, loss, and longing—for home, for an American Dream deferred, and for justice.