Bad Girls Go To Hell

Director: Doris Wishman
USA / 1965 / 65 min

Available Sep 27 - Oct 10

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Wishman officially left behind innocuous nudie cutie romps for the newly-in-vogue, BDSM-tinged “roughies” with this film, a filthy fever dream done in delirious style that follows a harried housewife forced to go on the lam after bumping off the bucktoothed janitor who accosts her shortly after she leaves a romp in the shower with her husband. Featuring puzzling POVs, inexplicable close-up cutaways, lesbian roommates performing headstands, and an obstacle course of menacing, monstrous menfolk, the shoestring surrealist Bad Girls Go to Hell is almost certainly one of the titles that experimental filmmaker Peggy Ahwesh had foremost in mind when she wrote that “the films [of Doris Wishman] offer the prerequisite weirdness of the [sexploitation] genre, but they have a seedy underlying resonance of the fear of and hostility toward women in our world, which Doris describes in her own profound and tawdry way.”

Restoration courtesy of the American Genre Film Archive and Jimmy Maslon


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