Artists on Camera,
Program 1: In the Studio

Director: Various dirs.
USA/UK / 1972-2020 / TRT: 116 min

Q&A with Jason Evans and directors Rosa Barba, Jem Cohen, Gillian Garcia & Ben Rivers

Last streamed on Mon, Jul 19

This program captures a handful of artist in their studios—some stand-alone spaces, others all-encompassing home/workplace environments. While these films offer a glimpse into a creative process that is often solitary, many pay as much attention to the materials, ephemera, and offcuts that have been cast aside as they do to the artists themselves.

Program Includes:
Anne Truitt, Working (Jem Cohen, USA, 2009, 13 min) A short portrait of Anne Truitt consisting of an interview with the sculptor and footage filmed in and around her studio at the Yaddo artist colony and from her home studio in Washington, D.C.
Enigmatic Whisper (Rosa Barba, USA, 2017, 8 min) Shot inside the studio of sculptor Alexander Calder (1898-1976) in Roxbury, Connecticut, Enigmatic Whisper draws a filmic portrait of one of the protagonists of 20th-century art through images of tools and work materials, conserved as Calder left them.
What Means Something (Ben Rivers, UK, 2015, 66 min) Rivers films painter Rose Wylie at her studio, home, and garden in Kent in long sequences that capture her working, as well as more relaxed times as she reads, looks at sketchbooks, talks about art and beyond, looks at source material, and sits in her jungle-like garden.
You She Smile Goodbye Remember (Gillian Garcia, USA, 2020, 13 min) A portrait of artist Ruby Neri working in her Los Angeles studio, preparing a show of large-scale ceramic works. The film also draws on the graffiti Neri produced in the ’90s in San Francisco. World premiere.
Howardena Pindell (Hermine Freed, USA, 1972, 16 min) Taped shortly after the establishment of New York’s A.I.R. Gallery, this conversation between painter Howardena Pindell and video artist Hermine Freed concentrates on the women’s independent gallery and its role in the feminist movement.

Presented by Soft Network. Co-programmed by Jason Evans with Soft Network. Photos, top to bottom: You She Smile Goodbye Remember, Anne Truitt, Working, and What Means Something.