Around the World with Orson Welles
Episode 1: Pays Basque I – The Basque Countries

Director: Orson Welles
UK / 1955 / 26 min

Available through Jun 20

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In this episode: The first of the series is also the first of two parts exploring “a fairly out of the way, little-known corner of Europe” known as the Basque country, where Welles provides a tour of the local culture and people.

Around the World with Orson Welles: Featuring cameos by Elaine Dundy, Kenneth Peacock Tynan, Jean Cocteau, and the birthplace of Sacher torte, this freewheeling travel program made for British television, written and directed by and starring Welles, showcases his innate ability to remain charming and captivating while bullshitting through all sorts of situations. Though some of this formal looseness arose from the director’s inability to stick to the unrealistic, grueling deadlines dictated in his contract (25 episodes in 25 weeks!), the six extant episodes of this marvelous little series balance the baroque charms of Vienna with visits to English pensioners and extremely unique, desperately under-seen footage of the Basque country and its ancient culture. These unpretentious glimpses at mid-century Europe—of things that had almost disappeared back then—is a grand tour of a bygone era with an even grander host.