Alfreda’s Cinema Presents: “Protect Black Women”

Director: Various
USA / 1996-2021 / Approx. 90 min


Live Screening introduced by programmer/filmmaker Melissa Lyde.

“Protect Black Women” is a call to action, bringing attention to the lives of Black women in America, because theirs have historically been the most vulnerable. Curated by Melissa Lyde, this collection of short works visualizes the interiority of the Black woman’s existence from the viewpoint of Black women filmmakers: Alisha B Wormsley, Rikkí Wright, Zainab Floyd, Jamika Ajalon, Rashayla Marie Brown, and Lyde, with her work-in-progress debut short, On the Backs of Blk Wmn, a poetic documentary exploring the central role of Black women in American politics. By collecting a vast range of visual materials of Black women in public life, from archival footage to viral videos, the film seeks to reimagine and recontextualize Kamala Harris’s acceptance speech as the country’s first female Vice President. Contending with a multiplicity of voices and strategies for justice, the film presents a non-linear encounter with history as it continues to be made. And as we witness the historical inauguration of Harris as the VP, now is the time to commemorate Black women activists, politicians, martyrs, and everyday survivors who have labored to move this country toward democracy.

Program includes:
To Be Woman, Gifted, and Black: From One Generation to Another 
(Rikkí Wright, 2020, 5 min)
A Song About Love (Rikkí Wright, 2019, 14 min)
Movement (Zainab Floyd, 2019, 3 min)
Throughout the Universe (Rashayla Marie Brown, 2016, 9 min)
Spirit (Alisha B Wormsley, 2019, 3 min)
Memory Tracks (Jamika Ajalon, 1996, 12 min)
On the Backs of Blk Wmn (Melissa Lyde, work in progress, 2021, 34 min)