Alfreda’s Cinema Presents: Kindred

Director: Various
UK / 2014-2021 / 65 min

Q&A with curator Melissa Lyde and filmmaker Cecile Emeke

Last streamed on Mon, Dec 27

Alfreda’s Cinema presents Kindred, a consideration of Black British Cinema through the lens of Black women from 2014–2021.

In the age of inclusion and diversity, 2014 perhaps seems like a faint memory. But it was in that year that then-emerging filmmaker Cecile Emeke dropped her webseries Ackee & Saltfish, which shattered the ground beneath us. Streaming on YouTube, Emeke’s series and later films connected with their intended audiences, reigniting the flames of a dormant community of Black British filmmakers who, like Black artists in the US, had also felt the dread of faded accessibility until shifting tides arose from the next generation.

Emeke, Deborah Findlater, Ufuoma Essi, and Rabz Lansiquot and Imani Robinson (Languid Hands) have each vivaciously carved out their own representation as British-born artists reframing Blackness and Black womanhood. Collectively, their films emanate a sensual aesthetic that doesn’t ask for your permission to exist, to be either Black or a woman. These films are a jolt to the system. They remind us of our oneness as a people, and it’s with pride that we recall these short works from innovative visual artists who made a way out of no way, and who perpetually push the frame forward.—Melissa Lyde

Please join us for a new wave retrospective in Black British Cinema led by Black women, beginning with Deborah Findlater’s She Can Eat Me Alive, Languid Hands’ Towards A Black Testimony, Cecile Emeke’s herenowthenwhat and Ufuoma Essi’s Bodies in Dissent. Following our online program, curator Melissa Lyde will be joined in discussion with Cecile Emeke.


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