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The Soldier's Tale

The Soldier's Tale

The Soldier's Tale

2007 / 54min / DCP


Penny Allen will be in person for the 3pm screening on Saturday, January 7.

A deeply personal documentary about the Iraq War that takes us places no mere journalistic inquiry could go. Sergeant R. approaches director Allen on a plane headed for the U.S. carrying a laptop full of electronic memories shot by fellow soldiers—the digital “war porn” they capture on smart phones and trade like baseball cards. After the soldier mails her a CD with all his images, the two meet in a motel somewhere in the U.S. and he narrates the war for Allen—before trudging back to the battlefield.

Screening with
2014 / 12 mins / DCP

A short film about the summer Allen taught English to a little boy with an apparent simplicity that hides a surprising density. The Didier Connection took 37 years to complete, its rushes lost and then found, and the result is crisp, refreshing, optimistic, even seductive, like early Truffaut. Submerged in the narrative momentum is a poignant longing for a life and time that can be experienced in memory but no longer touched, visible only through the unreliable telephoto lens of time. Total runtime of program: 66 mins