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June 19 Juleen Compton: Stranded by Film History
One of the most elusive figures in cinema is a female filmmaker whose name is so little-known that it hardly even makes lists of underrated directors. She is Juleen Compton, an American independent filmmaker who made two transcendent features back-to-back in 1965 and 1966 before virtually disappearing into obscurity. These two films, which screened at Metrograph in 2017, are returning for a weekend (June 22–23) with restored 35mm prints.
June 18 A Guide to David Hockney
Metrograph Pictures is releasing a pristine new restoration of the classic queer semi-documentary A Bigger Splash, directed by Jack Hazan.
June 17 After the Splash
A Bigger Splash is an awkward oddity, which, like many an unformed queer thing, has grown more interesting with age.