Bradford Young Introduces Babylon

By Bradford Young

Cinematographer Bradford Young introduced Franco Rosso's 1980 film Babylon at 7 Ludlow.


Claire Denis Introduces L’Intrus

By Claire Denis

In April 2020, Denis joined Metrograph theater to present her 2004 film L’Intrus.


Hazel Cills introduces Possession

By Hazil Cills

In 2021, cultural writer Hazel Cills introduced a screening of Possession.


David Campany introduces The French

By David Campany

This May, writer and curator David Campany joined Metrograph to present William Klein's The French.


RZA introduces his Dream Double Feature


In June 2016, RZA joined Metrograph to present his Dream Double Feature of two Shaw Brothers kung fu classics.


Gary Indiana introduces Black Rainbow

By Gary Indiana

On April 22nd, Gary Indiana graced Metrograph to present Mike Hodges's Black Rainbow (1989), part of his curated series Gary Indiana Selects.

Paul Schrader


Paul Schrader introduces Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters

By Paul Schrader

In January 2020, Schrader presented a screening at Metrograph of his film about the renegade Japanese writer Yukio Mishima.

Ed Lachman


Ed Lachman Introduces Carol

By Ed Lachman

In 2016, cinematographer Ed Lachman joined Metrograph Theater to present our inaugural 35mm screening of Carol. These are the words he shared.


Bo Burnham Presents Old Enough

By Metrograph

The comedian/director/musician joined us for a screening of Marisa Silver’s 1984 film at Metrograph on November 28, 2018.