Welcome to Metrograph:
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December 7 to December 31

At Metrograph, you will experience all kinds of movies. What will unite them all is—simply—that we believe in them, and we think they are films you should see. This is our two-year, alphabetically ordered series that offers films we consider must-sees; a pinnacle of a filmmaker’s career or an overlooked, demands-reconsideration masterpiece. The only self-imposed restriction: one film per director. A mid-career Scorsese, a left-field Assayas, documentary shorts by must-know filmmaker Madeline Anderson, a classic noir by John Farrow, or Andy Warhol’s double-system projected The Chelsea Girls . . . These are the films we couldn’t wait to show, so we had to create a series to justify it.

Dates and showtimes to be updated throughout the year.

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