Isabelle Huppert

November 19 to November 27

Simply put, there is no other career quite like it. Isabelle Huppert is Picasso level. She’s a Babe Ruth. No kidding. Over the course of five decades she has worked with a solid portion of all the major established or emerging directors around, and has probably had a hand in more great films than any single one of them. She can be hard or soft, frigid or flirtatious, fierce or shrinking, cerebral or sensual, and sometimes a combination of all of the above in a single close-up. And somehow, improbably, she seems to only get better, running things in 2016 with the twofer of Mia Hansen-Løve’s Things to Come and Paul Verhoeven’s Elle. She will be at Metrograph, an occasion for a mini-retrospective, and a great deal of rejoicing.

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