Food-on-Film: A Weekend with Alton Brown

November 12 to November 13

Alton Brown in person November 12 and 13

Long before I picked up a pan and got in front of the camera, I lived my life behind one, as a cinematographer and a commercial director. So while most folks got their food fix in restaurants, I fed my fascination in a cinema seat. Movies about food and cooking have always fascinated me and I’ve long dreamt of mounting a “food on film” series. The perfect venue of course is The Metrograph, the only repertory theater I know of with a terrific bar and a commissary in house. Together we’ve composed a tasty weekend menu combining American classics, foreign delights and a few funky feasts including my personal favorite, Steven Chow’s The God of Cookery. I’ll be on hand to introduce all the screenings and hope we can have some lively discussions afterwards.

Oh, and try not to drool on the seats.

All notes by Alton Brown

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