Alfred Hitchcock & Cary Grant: Four Classics

August 19 to August 22

Hitchcock's films might forever be associated with his leading ladies—Tippi Hedren, Grace Kelly and Ingrid Bergman, to name a few—but his 20-year working relationship with Cary Grant lead to the creation of four classics and cemented Grant's persona as an actor. In a Hitchcock film, Cary Grant is always playing "Cary Grant": debonair, suavely comedic, and slightly out of reach—"the man from dream city" per Pauline Kael. His mannerisms, unplaceable accent and movie star modalities underscore the humor and desire in Hitchcock's romantic plots. Hitchcock wrenched memorable performances out of many an actor, but, in his own words, Grant was something else: "The only actor I ever loved in my whole life".

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