Noah Baumbach in Residence

November 8 to December 22

"I have been going to the Metrograph ever since I was 47...
Although the Metrograph is only three years old it feels already like a New York institution. The Metrograph proves over and over that the movie revival house is a necessity. I am thrilled that they are presenting this retrospective of my movies thus far. I’ve included some companion films as well, movies that I love, that have somehow informed my work as well as my life."
—Noah Baumbach

For the past quarter century, Noah Baumbach has been one of our great humanists. He has created a body of work that lives in the intersection between laughter and tears, the sorrowful and the sublime. His films are a thoroughly recognizable portrait of our daily lives and loves. This has never been more clear than in his latest much lauded work, Marriage Story. Heartbreaking and hilarious, the film is an incisive and compassionate portrait of a marriage breaking up and a family staying together.

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