This Halloween: Two By Laika

October 31

Named after the dog sent to space by the Soviet Union and showing shoot-for-the-moon ambition, since 2005 these Oregon-based animation specialists have established themselves as an industry powerhouse, their work distinguished by exquisite, exacting craftsmanship, old-fashioned storytelling, and an aesthetic that tracks towards the strange and sometimes macabre. Following their auspicious introduction to the world with the heralded feature Coraline, Laika has continued to operate on the cutting-edge of stop-motion, with this year’s Missing Link offering their biggest, most eye-popping adventure to date. Laika’s pursuit of excellence suggests that the future of animation may very well be human and hand-made—and isn’t that something worth celebrating with a trick-or-treat outing?

Treats from the Candy Store on the house, courtesy of Laika.

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