Stephen Chow

July 1 to July 5

Artist-athlete, burlesque surrealist, spoof virtuoso, suicidal stuntman, the man who marries CGI kitsch to Dickensian sentiment, a satirist of modern materialism and torch-bearer for irreverent Hong Kong hoopla in an age when uptight Mainland sets the tone—Stephen Chow is at least twenty different kinds of filmmaker, all of them working overtime in his gag-studded extravaganzas. While knocking his brains out to keep audiences (and bad guys) in stitches, Chow always leaves room on the stage for his comedienne co-stars to shine, their numbers including Karen Mok, Yuen Qui, Zhao Wei, and Cecelia Cheung. On the occasion of Metrograph’s command performance of Chow’s blockbuster The Mermaid, we offer a chance to see the films with which this showman supreme conquered the world.

All films will be presented in the original language with English subtitles.

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