Harmony Korine

March 22 to April 2

The kickflipping skate rat Rimbaud of Washington Square Park, a ‘zine poet, late- night chat show jester, and half-cocked punk piss-taker, Harmony Korine shot to unlikely celebrity as the teen screenwriter of Larry Clark’s Kids, then cemented his status as a cult figure with his directorial debut Gummo, a pastiche of scenes from tornado-wrecked Xenia, Ohio that no less a personage than Werner Herzog claimed knocked him out of his chair. A prankster and surreal provocateur, Korine repeatedly thumbed his nose at the filmmaking establishment and threatened to self-destruct his career and his life, only to emerge a more potent force than ever, his comeback run capped by the unlikely avant-garde crossover hit that was Spring Breakers, a candy-coated sickly-sweet sugar high of pure zeitgeist. In conjunction with the release of his latest, The Beach Bum, revisit the work of this total one-off of an American artist, uniquely wired into the gaudy dream life of the Republic.

Harmony Korine in person at Members Only Sneak Preview of The Beach Bum on March 26
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