Late Nites at Metrograph

September 19 to October 31

Welcome back to Late Nites at Metrograph, the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday series dedicated to the after-hours denizens of this insomniac town who want to wind down with a movie and a bite. This time around we’re bringing simian-friendly surrealism courtesy Max Mon Amour and Holy Motors, punk panic in Suburbia and Rock 'N’ Roll High School, a double shot of Manga master Satoshi Kon with Perfect Blue and Paprika, and guaranteed insomnia by way of John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness. A series for connoisseurs of cocktails and nocturnal film freaks to hobnob, clink glasses, and see some of the best and most bizarre in cinema, with the Commissary serving drinks and a special late-night menu into the wee hours.

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