Paul Auster x 2

October 25

One of the most acclaimed and beloved American writers of his generation, the New Jersey-raised Auster was catapulted to literary fame with the success of his The New York Trilogy, an utterly singular work which draws from hard-boiled American detective fiction as well as the existentialist and absurdist literature in which Auster was steeped during an extended sojourn in Paris. A plenitude of films are also among the many eclectic influences on Auster’s fiction, and his long, impassioned engagement with cinema has led him to a parallel career in moviemaking, first working in collaboration with director Wayne Wang on the cherished New York City snapshots Smoke and Blue in the Face, then striking out on his own, to create a body of film work every bit as seductive and affecting as his literary output. Metrograph is privileged to host this local original as he presents two of his movies, inimitable in their tonal strangeness, discreet sense of enchantment, and questing exploration of the creative act.

35mm prints courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art.

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