PLAYTIME: Family Matinees

June 22 to July 1

Playtime is Metrograph’s regularly-recurring weekend matinee series of studio standards, animated adventures, and foreign-language frolics, kid-friendly in content but selected because their quality has been proven plain to moviegoers of all ages. With summer on the way, we have Jacques Tati’s Mr. Hulot and Jimmy Stewart’s Mr. Hobbs on hand to remind us of the perils of vacation; some astonishing long-range voyages with Fievel Mousekewitz, Pee Wee Herman, and the avian stars of Winged Migration; and one great big ol’ talking rabbit named Harvey. Revisit the movies you know by heart, take a chance on something you’ve never heard of—and be sure to hang around to talk about your favorite scenes over brunch in the upstairs Commissary.

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