July 22 to July 23

“As a kid, Cinemascope in the ‘60s was my escape: movies with an epic canvas immersing me in complete worlds that had my 8-to-12-year-old head spinning. It was fun pretending to be an adult, larger than life in widescreen. Home from the Hill, Bunny Lake is Missing, and The Professionals are three of my richest memories from that period; Vincente Minnelli, Otto Preminger, and Richard Brooks were masters of visual storytelling, the art of design, and dramatic engagement with the audience. These movies resonate now as much as they did then, and they were meant to be seen on the BIG screen. Emotional, exciting, scary, psychological, adventurous. Motion pictures don’t come more fulfilling than this.”

–Michael Barker, Co-President & Co-Founder of Sony Pictures Classics

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