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1937 / 58min / 35mm


Sergei Loznitsa to introduce.

“This film was made in 1937 and was instantly shelved. It remained banned in the USSR for many years. This is a paradox in itself. Dziga Vertov was a passionate communist, whose films glorified every change brought to Russia by the October revolution. At the same time, Vertov was a genius, and in Lullaby these two sides of his personality clashed to such an extent that the genius defeated the propagandist. The film revealed the essence of the Stalinist regime so precisely that Stalin, who understood it, immediately decided to hide the film.”

-Sergei Loznitsa

From the collection of the Austrian Film Museum.

Co-presented by International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam (IDFA).

Lullaby is screening as part of the series Sergei Loznitsa's Top Ten. Click here for more info.