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The Films of Elliott Erwitt

The Films of Elliott Erwitt

The Films of Elliott Erwitt

1963 / 1972 / 1981 / 75min / Digital


Beauty Knows No Pain (1972, Digital, 26 minutes)
Red, White, and Bluegrass (1963, Digital, 26 minutes)
The World Renowned Incomparable Marching 100 (1981, Digital, 23 minutes)

“A corrosive critique of bourgeois America,” per Amos Vogel, Beauty Knows No Pain documents the process whereby Texas co-eds try to enter the ranks of the Kilgore Rangerette Team, an elite unit of marching majorettes. Red, White, and Bluegrass looks at a very different kind of Americana, travelling to rural Union Cove, North Carolina to record the practitioners of a generation’s-old tradition. Last but not least, The World-Renowned Incomparable Marching 100 visits with the famously swinging marching band at historically black Florida A & M University.

Erwitt is a wry, sly, unpretentious, understated, totally no-nonsense legend of street photography and one of Magnum’s longest-tenured members, invited to join by Capa himself. He studied film in his youth and began turning his eye to an ambitious, wide-ranging career in documentary, as sampled in a program that brings together majorettes, pickin’ and grinnin’, and other all-American phenomena.

The Films of Elliott Erwitt is a screening as part of the series Magnum Photos at 70. Click here for more info.